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Holy Trinity Church
                Low Row (Melbecks)
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St. Mary's Arkengarthdale
St. Mary's Muker
St. Andrew's Grinton
The Casson organ dates from 1911 and was made by the Positive Organ Company founded by Thomas Casson in Denbigh in the 1880s. These pipe organs were usually single manual, combining enclosed (swell box) and unenclosed pipes, and incorporating various devices to produce melodic and bass effects with relatively few pipes. They are particularly suitable for piano players with little experience of the organ.?The Holy Trinity organ had a number of ingenious features, such as the swell box operated by the right knee, and a movable keyboard to raise and lower the pitch.

Time had taken its toll, however, and in 2010 an organ refurbishment appeal was launched.  Geoffrey Coffin, Principal Pipe Organs, York, supervised its total overhaul.  The appeal raised the funds within the year and the organ was re-instated in November 2011.  At the back of the church visitors will find a fully illustrated account of its restoration.