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The Parish of
Swaledale with  Arkengarthdale
Life Events



This is available for children or adults.


Baptisms in this parish take place during Sunday morning services, where the person being baptised can be welcomed into the church family.


We also offer a Service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child if you feel that is more appropriate to your situation.


Our information booklet about Baptism can be downloaded here.


Please contact the Vicar to arrange a time to meet and talk about a baptism and to arrange a date.

NB It is helpful if you can do this before you book a venue for a baptism party.





Confirmation is a service conducted by a Bishop, when a person makes a public declaration of their Christian faith.


If you are thinking about being confirmed, please contact the Vicar.


If you have not been baptised, this will usually happen in the same service as your Confirmation.




We enjoy weddings, and would want to encourage you to think about getting married in a Church Service, where your vows will be taken and your marriage blessed in the name and presence of God.


A choir may be available, and there are bells at St. Andrew’s, Grinton.


Please contact the Vicar as early as possible to book a date, to arrange banns of marriage to be read and to prepare your marriage service together.


Please note that, as the law stands, you may only marry in a parish in which you have residence,

where you are on the electoral roll (i.e. you are a regular worshipper) or where you have a legally defined ‘Qualifying Connection’. The list of these connections is here.


This website may be useful as you plan your wedding in a Church of England parish church: http://www.yourchurchwedding.org/




Our local funeral director, who lives in Swaledale, is Simon Barningham.


He can be contacted on 01748 884327.


Funerals may take place in church or at a crematorium. The nearest crematorium is at Darlington.


Planning your Funeral


It can be very helpful to have a conversation with your family about your wishes for your funeral.

We have a booklet to help you to do this. You can download it here, or ask the vicar to send you a copy.


This has been written to help you to discuss and plan this service with your family, so that they do not have to suddenly make these important decisions in the difficult days after your death. There is space in the booklet for you to record your wishes, in discussion with your family and/or the vicar. You can put a copy of this with your will, or give it to your next of kin.