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The Parish of
Swaledale with  Arkengarthdale
Our Vicar, Caroline, recently featured in the Yorkshire Post.
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Parish News
Final Journeys...

Corpse Ways or Corpse Roads
were established as a means of transporting the deceased, often from very remote communities, to
consecrated ground of their parish church.

In Swaledale the Corpse Way along which the dead were traditionally carried in wicker coffins, runs from Keld
Grinton churchyard.

Beside Ivelet Bridge, a large flat stone is said to be where
the coffin bearers rested their heavy loads.

The journey could be hazardous and
there are stories of both corpse and pall bearers being swept away in floods.

Eventually, in 1580, a graveyard was consecrated at Muker and the relatives of
the dead no longer had to brave the Corpse Way.

Alison, our curate, will be ordained priest in a service at

Ripon Cathedral on Sunday 25 June at 3.00pm.

All are welcome to attend, no tickets required.

We will be celebrating this event with a parish afternoon tea party at

3.00pm on Sunday 26 June - more details to follow.

Lead has been mined in Swaledale since at least pre-Roman times and by 1820 there were more than 40 smelt mills scattered along the dale.


Millions of tons of lead were sent from here all over the country - the Tower of London and Dover castle are covered in lead from Swaledale.


Men, women and children worked long, hard hours the result of which were vast profits that went to distant shareholders, in some cases to the already wealthy abbeys.


Coal has also been mined in the dale since at least the 13th centuty, mainly around Tan Hill.


There are records of coal being supplied to Richmond Castle and nearby abbeys.

Below ground...

Kisdon Gorge
are excellent for bird watching.

Species that may be seen include: red grouse, skylark, lapwing, curlew, wheatear, raven and peregrine falcon.

Using a car as a portable “hide”, the moorland roads around
will enable you to observe at close- quarters golden plover, lapwing curlew and redshank.
Watch the birdie....