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Swaledale with  Arkengarthdale
The Parish of
Our Vicar, Caroline, recently featured in the Yorkshire Post.
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Final Journeys...

Corpse Ways or Corpse Roads
were established as a means of transporting the deceased, often from very remote communities, to
consecrated ground of their parish church.

In Swaledale the Corpse Way along which the dead were traditionally carried in wicker coffins, runs from Keld
Grinton churchyard.

Beside Ivelet Bridge, a large flat stone is said to be where
the coffin bearers rested their heavy loads.

The journey could be hazardous and
there are stories of both corpse and pall bearers being swept away in floods.

Eventually, in 1580, a graveyard was consecrated at Muker and the relatives of
the dead no longer had to brave the Corpse Way.
Parish News
What’s in a
The two main types of place-names are habitation-names
(farms, villages) and
nature-names (woods, hills).

The  earliest record of many names is in the Domesday Book but nearly all Dales place-names were given long before that by the Viking or Anglo-Saxon settlers.

Swaledale means, very appropriately,  
The valley of the rushing river”  

probably means “The valley of Arkle’s enclosure”

Both Dales have a number of interesting-sounding hamlets, amongst which are:

“The stream”

Gunnerside “Gunner’s high pasture”

“The spring”

“The small field”

“The butter hill”

The green enclosure”

“The stream by the sandbank”  

The house on the bend”   

“The enclosure near the sheepfold”

GOOD FRIDAY WALK via the Corpse Way.


Christians Together in Swaledale are pleased to announce that Linda Baines has agreed to be the ‘spiritual leader’ of this year’s walk. She will guide us through some moments of reflection during the pauses in the walk.


So who is Linda? - She is lover of the outdoors who also happens to be the wife of the Anglican Bishop of the newly created diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales.


How did it come about? - A bit of bare-faced cheek!

After the inauguration service of “Bishop Nick” at Ripon Cathedral, he and Linda were greeting the members of the congregation as they filed out.

We took the opportunity to refresh personally an invitation we had made to the bishop’s office. Not surprisingly the bishop had commitments in the enlarged diocese, but Linda volunteered!


All are invited to take part, for all or some of the route

- children most welcome.


















Total mileage – 12.5 miles


Brief stops to complete the readings of the Stations of the Cross are interspersed with the formal timed stops.


Strong footwear and waterproof clothing are recommended.

Dogs are welcome.

To protect stock and also for the safety of the walkers DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES.  


The organisers will lead the walk; however participants are responsible for their own safety.

If the weather is really bad the services will take place as advertised, but there will be no organised walk.




For transport up or down the dale, please book a place.

Tel. Steve and Anne Ingham - 01748 886738

or email



(there will be a small charge for transport).


A Hike – A Pilgrimage – A Procession of Witness

The Stations of the Cross




8.00am    Assemble for pre-booked Communal Transport at Grinton Church

8.10am    Transport leaves for Keld

8.55am    Assemble at Keld URC for safety chat.

9.00am    Short Service at Keld URC;    leave 9.10 am  

10.30am   Service at St. Mary’s Muker,  leave 11 am   

12.30pm   Gunnerside Methodist Church - lunch stop.


 1.10pm    Short Service at Gunnerside Methodist Church


1.25pm    Assemble and off!!       

 2.45pm    Isles Bridge       

 3.30pm    Low Whita Bridge      

 5.00pm    Arrive Grinton (Hot X buns!!!)

5.30pm    Service in St. Andrew’s Grinton