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Restarting Services - Parish Eucharist at St. Andrew’s, Grinton

26 July 2020, 10.30am

  • Posted On: 11 July 2020

There will be a Parish Eucharist at St. Andrew’s, Grinton at 10.30am on Sunday 26 July. All are welcome.

This service will be reviewed afterwards by the Vicar and Standing Committee and then we will decide what happen as a next step with services. Please be patient as we work out step by step what is possible in our context in this situation.

The service will look and feel quite different from our usual way of doing things, so please be ready to live with some changes. These are all to do with Covid safety measures and are required by government and central church guidelines.

There will be the following arrangements:

Hand sanitising on entry and leaving

Recording of names and details

A one-way system in and out of the building

Social distancing in seating arrangements

No hymn singing

A single use service sheet which you are asked to take away with you after the service

Communion in one kind (bread only)

You will receive Communion standing up, not kneeling at the rail

The bread will be dropped into your hand without words

There will be no Sharing the Peace

There will be no refreshments or social gathering at the end of the service, and we are asked to disperse away from the building as soon as the service has ended.

The full Church of England advice can be found here:

Please talk to the Vicar or Churchwardens if you would like more information.

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